About Gospel Light:

Gospel Light Baptist is a new Church in Alexandria, born out of a love for this city and those who live here with us! We desire to bring glory to God through the LOVE that we have for Him, the WORSHIP of Him, and by YIELDING to Him. 

A LOVE for God is what Jesus called us to in Mark 12:30. This Love begins with a personal relationship and grows as we come to know Him more through His word. 

WORSHIP is giving to God the reverence and supremacy that He alone is worthy of in our actions and with our words. Worship takes place when we assemble as God is given preeminence in our services, but it is also how we are called to live, doing everything in our bodily life for Him (Romans 12:1). 

YIELDING to God is how He enables us to experience His power and presence on a deeper level. Finding joy and peace, overcoming sin, and experiencing God is all a part of yielding (Romans 6:12-14).

I want you to know that God loves you, and so do we! We would love to meet you at any one of our services or even over a cup of coffee. If we can help you with any spiritual needs you may have or pray for you about something you're going through; I invite you to call me anytime. 

- Pastor David
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